Three Tuti - Trial Pack

Three Tuti - Trial Pack

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Want to give Tuti a go?


A perfect way to give this brand a try!

Tuti Trial Pack:

3 x Tuti  

What’s so Amazing about Tuti: 

Each Tuti nappy comes with an original print waterproof PUL cover lined with soft suede as well as two soft and ultra thirsty inserts that snap right into place. One is longer meaning you can double it over to achieve maximum absorbency. One insert is bamboo fleece 80% bamboo, 20% fleece woven through for increased durability and absorbency. The other is a booster which is a hemp/cotton blend. Natural fibres, super thirst.

You can use just one insert, or two giving you the option for whatever suits best. These nappies fit babes from 4kg - 16kg with multiple sizing options. Enjoy Tuti’s New Zealand designed, nature inspired and fun filled nappy range! The planet and our kids will love you for it. Know that you’re making a difference as it takes as much energy to produce one disposable nappy as it does to wash a cloth nappy 200 times. Get going and save money on nappies, even with part-time use!

View from the Tuti Range here 



Important Information:

Prints will be chosen randomly based on selected package either Girl, Boy or Gender Neutral

Limit of one pack per household, no discount codes can be used on this pack.

photos show sample packs only, packs will differ based on stock availability. Please email if you have any must have prints and we will try and accommodate.

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