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Wren and Myrtle

Making Waves - Velcro Seconds | Basic OSFM


Please note:

This item is advertised as “Seconds”, no returns will be accepted for the issue which it is sold with.

Fault: Velcro tab overhangs the laundry tab when affixed from outside in. This is easily rectified by lining the edge of the Velcro Tab up with the edge of the Laundry tab and pressing down and out. (alternatively squares of Velcro could be purchased to put over the Velcro tabs when washing to stop Velcro sticking). The nappy shell and insert have no issues.



Wren & Myrtle Basic OSFM

Eco Friendly, Beautiful, Practical Affordable 

An easy, simple style of Modern Cloth Nappy.


These eco-friendly, reusable nappies are ideal to help you build your perfect stash.

Wren & Myrtle Nappies have a waterproof shell with super soft, easy to clean, suede cloth lining which is gentle on your baby’s skin.

OSFM (one size fits most) with 4 rows of adjustable snaps allowing the nappy to be resized to fit small to large babies, ~4kg to 16kg (average results, dependant on your baby’s shape).

Each nappy shell comes standard with an absorbent 5-layer bamboo/cotton insert. This simple set up is suitable for most light to moderate wetters.

For Heavier wetters or use as a Night Nappy, you may need boosting with additional insert/s. Inserts are available for purchase separately based on your needs and preferred fibres - available here.



Summary, what you need to know:

  • One size fits most (OSFM) – nappy size is adjustable (XS, S, M or L) by adjusting the rise snaps and hip snaps as your baby grows
  • Suede cloth lining works as a stay dry layer between your baby and absorbent inserts (when stuffed in pocket)
  • Inner gusset to help protect against leaks, good for side sleepers
  • These nappies are suitable for babies and toddlers on average 4kg-16kg (may vary based on body shape), and will take most babies through to toilet training.
  • Nappy shell and inserts are washable and reusable, they will last a long time if cared for correctly

What is the Nappy made of? 

  • Outer layer: PUL (Polyurethane Laminate)
  • Inner layer of nappy shell: suede cloth layer with pocket for insert.
  • Comes standard with 1x 5-layer Bamboo Cotton insert


Making Waves - Velcro Seconds | Basic OSFM