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Our Wren & Myrtle Inserts are a perfect fit for our OSFM and can be layered to help boost your nappies for heavier wetters. 

We have two options for Inserts:

• 3-layer Hemp

• 4-layer Bamboo Terry

 Available for purchase as single inserts, or in our 5-pack value bundles.


About our materials:

The Hemp is comprised of 3-layers of 360 GSM Hemp/cotton, 55% Hemp/45% Cotton.

The Bamboo Terry is comprised of 4-layers of 250 GSM Bamboo, 80% Bamboo/20% Polyester.




Our Nappies come standard with a 5-layer Bamboo Terry which pairs perfectly with either of our inserts.

You can combine up to 3 inserts within our spacious Nappy shells, for heavier wetters we would recommend a 3-layer hemp + 4-layer bamboo Terry + 5-layer bamboo Terry, this will provide 12 layers of absorbency.

Moderate to heavy wetters may only need either a 3-layer hemp OR 4-layer bamboo Terry paired with the 5-layer bamboo Terry.