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Large Full-Length Pocket Smock | Losing My Rind - Alcmena


These smocks are EVERYTHING you didn't know you needed when it comes to food & play time! 

Why We Love These Smocks

  • In-built Velcro and Snaps neck closure, so you can choose which one works for you and your bub 
    • Snaps - for when bub learns to pull their smock off
    • Velcro - for when bub is in-between snap sizes
  • Gentle elastics around the neck and wrists to close off these danger zones and minimise food / paint ruining the clothes underneath.
  • Snap-out pocket so you can really wash out the grime at the bottom of the pocket, helping you to keep it clean and hygienic even after the messiest of meals.
  • Full coverage so bub's clothing is protected even at the back. 
    • We have also made the smocks longer than the standard to give as much protection as possible.
  • Generous sizing - It wouldn't be an Alcmena product if we didn't give you MORE than what you expect.
    • Each size range is a conservative estimate, meaning your child will be able to use the same size long after they have exceeded the general age range.
    • However, it also means we recommend sizing down (or rolling up the sleeves for little ones).
    • For example, we have tested the Large on an average-sized 11 year old (and it fits great!)


    • Small: Fits approx 9-18 months - $27.95
      • Dimensions - Shoulders: 25cm, Length: 35cm, Arm-hole: 17cm
    • Medium: Fits approx 18 months - 4 years $32.95
      • Dimensions - Shoulders: 30cm, Length: 4cm, Arm-hole: 19cm
    • Large: Fits approx 4 -9 years - $36.95
      • Dimensions - Shoulders: 36cm, Length: 50cm, Arm-hole: 23cm

Photo Credit: Nix Blasonato (Virtual Memories Photography)

Large Full-Length Pocket Smock | Losing My Rind - Alcmena