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Feline Good - Classic AI2


The Classic is our perfectly trim, yet ultra absorbent ‘pocket style’ cloth nappy, featuring  pocket entry at the front and back of your shell for easy stuffing. The pocket lining is made using a stay-dry jersey, complete with a double gusset to add extra protection against leaks and those newborn poosplosions. The outer shell, made using a super soft and flexible PUL, is printed with our exclusive, hand painted artwork.




Features of The Classic Nappy:


1. Customisable Absorbency


Quickly gaining popularity in the MCN world, our famously trim yet absorbent inserts work to keep bub comfortable and dry. The Classic nappy comes with 2x inserts that equate to 10 layers of absorbency. Each nappy comes with the following:


1x 5-layer Hemp insert; and

1x 5-layer Bamboo insert

Use individually or stacked to achieve the perfect level of absorbency for your little one!


Quick tip:


If using the rise snaps, we recommend not snapping the inserts in at the front (only the back, if at all) so that the inserts don't pull the front of the nappy down).

2. Stay-Dry Pocket Lining


These nappies feature an athletic wicking jersey ("AWJ") pocket lining. By stuffing the insert(s) into the pocket, you will experience all the benefits of AWJ as it draws away the moisture and keeps your baby's bottom cool and dry.


3. Double-Ended Pocket Openings


Stuffing your Classic nappy is a breeze with wide pocket openings at the front and back! Simply reach through the opening at one end of the nappy and pull your inserts across the length of the shell.


4. Tummy Elastic


Generally a tummy gap is fine, but these nappies will get you that extra awesome fit with a comfortable elastic that minimises the gap, while providing extra leak protection for tummy sleepers!


5. Double Gussets


The built-in double gussets on the jersey lining provides an extra barrier against any explosions escaping from these nappies.


6. Front and Back PUL Flaps


The front and back flaps are waterproof PUL so any moisture is channelled up and under the flap, keeping your bub's tummy and back nice and dry.


7. One-Size-Fits Most


The Classic is a slightly trimmer nappy than our Ultimate nappies, fitting from 3-17kg. With three levels of rise snaps, our nappies are designed to grow with your baby - easily accomodating their changing shape in just a few snaps.


This is the nappy for you if...


-You want to use cloth nappies from birth, but would prefer not to invest in Newborn nappies;

-You prefer a trimmer nappy, especially to fit under clothes;

-Your baby is a light to moderate wetter so you don't need as much absorbency (especially at night);

-You prefer a pocket nappy that has a stay-dry layer

-You’re looking for an easy-to-fit cloth nappy for daycare


If you answered "Yes" to any of the above, this is the nappy for you!


Photo Credit: @virtualmemoriestog

Feline Good - Classic AI2