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Yoho & Co - Care Advice

How to care for your nappies: It's not as hard as you may think! 

Wear - Wash - Dry - Repeat 

When you first get your nappies, give them a wash! This will remove any residue from the manufacturer and help those inserts with absorbency! 

1. Once the nappy has been soiled, and your not planning a wash, scrape any solids off into the toilet, remove inserts and do a pre-wash. Store in a breathable basket (dry pail) - something with air flow! I promise you it won't smell! I use a silicone spatula, silicone scrubber and wire basket to complete this step! I do my pre-wash in the afternoon/evenings because his number two time usually happens in the morning!

2. After 2-3 days (I wouldn't tend to go any longer) put everything in a warm/hot wash (40-60°C) in washing machine. Do not use any fabric softeners! 

3. Line dry in fabulous sunshine and fresh air!  

Its as simple as that! Wear, wash, dry - repeat! 

Check out Waste Free With Kate for information on everything cloth nappy and other earth friendly habits to get into! 

Extra tips!

  • Natural fiber such as bamboo inserts tend to work better than microfiber. The upside is that they hold the liquid really well! I use a combination of both on my boy, but do prefer bamboo! (I'm currently trialing hemp and bamboo cotton too!). In saying that, microfiber definitely has it's place.
  • The shell/pocket usually dries before the inserts (The downside is that natural fiber inserts hold liquid so well, where as the microfiber dry fast) 
  •  Always have more inserts than shell's so you are never caught out!  
  • Sunshine seriously does wonders for those pesky yellow new born poo stains! Only on the outer layers however, so you really want to make sure those inserts are fully clean as they are multi layered. However if you have a good washing routine, they shouldn’t stain.
  • Try to avoid using the dryer - you can use it, but keep it to a minimum especially with the shells/pockets being made of PUL. 
  • Check out the Facebook group ‘Clean Cloth Nappies’ for information and advice on washing routines!