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Supercharged Savings on Cloth Nappies

We have supercharged our percentage savings when you build your Wren & Myrtle Nappy stash and save with our bundle pack codes.

You might be starting from scratch, refreshing your stash or just topping up with some gorgeous new cloth nappies - whatever the reason - choose your bundle size, code and get shopping:
Buy 3+ and get 10% off CODE: TRY3 
(usually 5% off)
Buy 10+ and get 20% off CODE: 10PACK
(usually 10% off)
Buy 15+ and get 25% off CODE: 15PACK
(usually 15% off)

Mix and match from our Basic, Essential and Luxe, simply add the code at checkout and save!


The supercharged savings are here for a limited time only and will be back to normal by 31st May 2022. 






Discount Codes

Discount codes are not redeemable for cash. Only one code can be used per transaction. Please do not ask to double up on codes, this means we do not make any money from the sale and won’t last long in business. Codes are provided as a bonus added value and can be removed and cancelled at any time at our discretion. Discount codes provided as a reward through WAM Rewards cannot be used in the same transaction as any of our special offer codes or other discount codes you have, you will need to choose which code gives you best value and utilise one code only per transaction. 
PLEASE NOTE: It is up to you to use and apply your discount codes, failure to do so will mean that code is not applied to your order, once you have checked out we cannot add the code to your order. If you wish to use your code, we will need to refund you order (less any transaction fees) and you can put your order through again using your discount code, this MUST be done before any shipping labels have been generated, if order is refunded and changed in any other way apart from adding the code you may need to pay additional shipping.