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Rewards Program

WAM Rewards

What is the WAM Rewards Program? 

Collect 5 WAM points for every dollar that you spend. 

  • When you reach 500 points, you can redeem a  $5 Discount voucher
  • When you reach 850 points, you can redeem a  $10 Discount voucher
  • When you reach 1500 points, you can redeem a $20 discount voucher 

Being savvy and saving points means you can put your points towards a bigger better value voucher and use this towards saving on your next order.
Shop easy, knowing that you'll be rewarded for each dollar that you spend! 

How To Redeem Your Points

Simply click on the WAM rewards green button (with the star) on the bottom of any storefront page. If you have enough points to redeem for a discount you’ll see a Redeem button.

Click the Redeem button and then Apply Code. Your discount will automatically be applied to your cart. It’s that simple. 



The fine print (yes there’s terms and conditions even on the fun stuff):

Program commences for all purchases from 24/07/2020, we are unable to backdate WAM Rewards for purchases prior to this date if you didn’t have an account set up (aw sorry about that). We have backdated points for all customers who have had an account prior to 24/07/2020, if you think you have been missed please email

Discount vouchers are not redeemable for cash (it would be nice but sorry we can’t exchange for cash).

Only 1 Discount code/voucher can be used per transaction (oh damn! We have provided great points value to make up for this). 

When you redeem points, you will be given a single use discount code to be redeemed at - do not share the voucher discount code (unless you want them to use it instead of you) these are single use codes and we can’t replace codes that have been given away and used by someone else. 

PLEASE NOTE: It is up to you to use and apply your discount codes, failure to do so will mean that code is not applied to your order, once you have checked out we cannot add the code to your order. If you wish to use your code, we will need to refund you order (less any transaction fees) and you can put your order through again using your discount code, this MUST be done before any shipping labels have been generated, if order is refunded and changed in any other way apart from adding the code you may need to pay additional shipping. 

Program can be terminated at any time at discretion of business owner, we will endeavour to give you fair notice and ability to use any points should this be the case (which we really hope it’s not).