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Manufacturing our products


Our products have been conceptualised and/or designed here in Melbourne, Australia.

The Basics OSFM is a standard manufacturers shell shape, we have altered the design by adding the 4th row of snaps (giving it a bigger size range) and adding the internal double gusset. We have personalised these nappies with some of our own patterns; majority of the patterns are the manufacturers, we opted to use a selection of theirs whilst we build up our library of licensed patterns, by doing this we have been able to keep costs low for our customers. From our September 2021 Release all prints will be licensed by us and not selected from factory standard.

The Essentials OSFM shell style was designed by us, it has some of our favourite nappy such as a double row of snaps, the squarer wing with the rounded edges, and a higher hip snap to accommodate chunkier thighs; we have also added the internal double gusset, a tummy panel of PUL to prevent wicking leaks, and the reinforced PUL on the wings to help reduce curling. 

Our first range of Essentials OSFM has a Bamboo Terry insert as standard, but we are transitioning all our inserts to bamboo/cotton as it has more natural fibres and is more sustainable for the environment.

Our small wetbag has been designed to fit a OSFM Nappy and/or selection of wipes, we elected for the size of this nappy as 20cm by 25cm. 

Our Pods are the manufacturers standard design, we decided not to adapt of change this design as it suits our customers current needs. 

With all our designs we are open to feedback and adapting features as needed. 



 Our products are manufactured ethically overseas. We have made sure that our designs and ordering practices are sustainable.

How do we do that? 

For example, our original Change Mat design was measuring 70cm by 90cm; after design talks with our manufacturer we found that when PUL is printed it is printed on 140cm wide reams, if we had stuck to this size we would have been wasting large amounts of material as each mat would be cut 72 cm wide to account for stitching the hem. After consultation with the manufacturer, we have adapted our sizing to be 68cm wide, so each material is cut down the middle and there is no wastage of PUL when our change mats are made. We also consult with the factory over excess material, when they have finished cutting all of our mats, they let us know how much material is left and we have the option to waste it or use it to make additional products at a cost to us. For our Change mat release, this resulted in our order having about 50 extra mats in it, so there was as little wastage as possible. 

Similarly, when our most recent nappies were made, there was a significant amount of material left over, as it features our exclusive patterns they can't use it for anyone else, so I have opted for all the additional material has been made into "Shell only" nappies, which is resulting in our order having 40-50 extra nappies PER print, as this is so significant we will adjust plans for future releases to be delayed due to extra stock coming. We pay for all extra products made, and its part of our business ethics not to waste products in manufacturing. 

Other ways we avoid wastage, we make sure that our patterns are multi-directional, so that when the nappy panels are cut they can be done close together in any direction to make the most out of the material. If patterns are single directional they can only be cut one direction and can result in slightly more material wastage.



A lot of people are concerned that when products are made overseas in China, that they are made in sweat shops. We have thoroughly researched our manufacturers to make sure, that for our products, this is not the case.

Our first manufacturer (who produces our Basics Range) is BSCI compliant, they are CPSC (CPSIA) certified, BPA-free products, comply with RoHS, have QA systems; and we work with them to make sure that our production is as waste free as possible. 

We have recently moved the bulk of our complex product manufacturing to a company who is also SEDEX certified, OEKO-Tex standard 100; textiles are also certified organic GOTS. We have also set the same standard with them in managing the prevention of waste.

When our orders are sent, we opt to have no OPPO bags, and have it sent as plastic free as possible. 

We have made sure our manufacturing is not only Ethical but as Eco as it can be, this is important as it is in line with out values. 

If you have any questions, please email Leah at