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Care + Wash Instructions

First Use

Nappies must be washed prior to their use. This is to ensure any residues from manufacturing process are removed from the nappies. Nappies will increase absorbency over time with washing (maximum absorbency reached within 6-8 washes for both our bamboo and hemp inserts).


1. Remove Solids and Hand Rinse

Knock/scrape solid waste from Nappy into the loo and rinse any residual poo from nappy. Using a rubber brush can help to remove waste whilst rinsing. Use Sard or similar to pretreat any stains, wring out any water as best you can, then store the used cloth nappy in a dry pail. Wee nappies can be put straight in dry pail.

2. Pre-wash cycle

Run a pre-wash cycle (30-45 min). Max 40-60°C with good quality detergent every 1-2 days. Avoid spin speeds over 1200rpm.

The pre-wash aims to remove excess soiling from nappies prior to the Main Wash. Dry pail if you are not following on with a Main Wash.

3. Main-wash cycle

(2-3 Hour Cottons/Heavy Duty Wash)

Run a long main-wash cycle Max 40-60°C with good quality detergent every 2-3 days. Always use recommended detergent for load size. 

Avoid spin speeds over 1200rpm.

4. Dry

Line dry where possible, take care when using tumble dryer (excessive heat can damage shells and void warranty) tumble dry on a gentle low heat if needed. When hanging Inserts to dry, stretch them out to maximum shape.





Washing Wren & Myrtle products over 60°C and/or using the dryer will void warranty and may cause irreversible damage to shells, to get the most out of your nappies follow care help as above. Spin speeds over 1200rpm can put stress on nappy elastics and inserts. Select spin speed of 1200rpm or below for best results.