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Brand Reps



The Brand Representatiev will be involved with our brand for a period of 3 months. At the completion of this time, and if both parties agree, the position will continue in a rollover capacity. Termination for the agreement must be made in writing by the Brand Rep with 14 days notice. Wren & Myrtle reserves the right to withdraw the agreement at any time.


  • Having a public and active Instagram account. OR Unless otherwise agreed to, for support with a Facebook Capacity.
  • Genuine support and enthusiasm for the products and brands we stock, as evident in the photo and comments posted on social media.
  • Post and tag a minimum of 4-6 images / stories per month. If you don’t have your own products to post, you can share from Wren & Myrtle’s page, using same hashtags.
  • Promote and interact with Wren & Myrtle promotions, competitions and announcements via social media.
  • Any images tagged or sent to Wren & Myrtle become their property to use for purposes of advertising, marketing and community engagement. Wren & Myrtle reserves the right to use any and all photographs without permission each time on their social media accounts, advertising, and website.
  • If Wren & Myrtle provides a product for you to trial and review, that trial/review is aimed at driving sales towards our site for purchase, we would expect that if we have paid for the product you are tagging only our business in posts. If you wish to tag the manufacturer, you will need to also be a Brand Enthusiast for that company and that company will need to share in cost of providing products to you.
  • Where you trial a product and aren’t happy with how it functions, please discuss with me before posting reviews. We welcome honest reviews but will ensure any issues encountered are with the product and not user, or a one off issue that’s not represented across that product range.
  • If you purchase a discounted product and decide to trial/review, we hope that you use your trial/review to drive sales to our site, this business growth means we can offer better discounts and more product range in the future. We hope that you tag our business, but you are not limited to tagging only our business. As you own the item you can choose to do what you wish with that item, we only ask that you speak positively about our brand.
  • Where you are a brand enthusiast for other companies, we ask that you post separately about our business. We don’t mind instagram stories where you might refer to our brand and another but would still require the minimum posts to be completed on our behalf as well.



  • 20% off all Wren & Myrtle Branded Products
  • 15% off remainder of retail store products’ RRP for the duration of your contract (excludes Alcmena and Bilby Baby/WAHMs)
  • A Brand Rep discount code to share with friends and family for 10% off their first order with Wren and Myrtle (excludes Alcmena and Bilby Baby)
  • We may have the capacity for some free products to trial, but this is not guaranteed. This will be discussed on an individual basis as different Brand Reps have different families, ages and needs. Depending on Brand Reps capacity to test and review products on social media.



We have the right to withdraw you from the contract anytime, without question if we find that you are not abiding to all the terms and conditions. 

if you wish to apply, please email Leah at