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About Us

My name is Leah and I am a work at home mum to my twin babies, Aiden and Everly.. and a couple of fur babies too. 

Wren and Myrtle is a small business that I have started to help contribute to the support of my young family, with increasing child care costs it is hard to return to work and I've always wanted to start my own business - so here we go, kicking off end of March 2020.

The idea for our business comes from our own personal experiences, more recently since we have kids we have noticed that there is a lot of single-use waste generated. We always knew we wanted to cloth nappy to reduce waste but struggled to get started, it took us a few attempts but we finally got there. Since making this change we have stood back and looked at what else we can change to help make a difference to how our family generates waste, so we make changes bit by bit. 

I want for this business to help others to do the same, we want to help you make changes in the home to reduce your waste as well. We want to help you troubleshoot how to make this habits long term and how to avoid returning to the convenience of "single-use".

We want to help you make changes you can live with long term, we are firm believers that any change for good helps reduce impact. For example, if just 20 families reduced their disposable nappy use by 5 nappies a day, that's 100 nappies saved from landfill - if these families maintained this practice for 6 weeks that's 4,200 nappies saved from landfill.. if they kept it up for a year 36,500 nappies avoiding landfill. 

Cloth nappies is just one example, we also want to help implement the use of cloth wipes, cloth "paper" towel, and other reusable products which can be recycled at the end of their life. So come on this journey with us to make small smart swaps at home to help reduce the impact on our environment.