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Nappy Leaks

Don’t give up! We’ve all had leaks at some stage...

Let’s talk leaks, they happen to all of us at some stage and can often be linked to one of a few main causes.

What causes leaks:

  • Inserts/Boosting with incorrect absorbency
  • Fit
  • Fabrics
  • Waterproof Layer

Let’s look at them one by one, then when leaks happen you can assess what’s happened and troubleshoot the cause and start working on a solution.


Inadequate Absorbency

One of the most common cause of leaks is often not having enough absorbent layers in your inserts (or using 1 insert where you might need 2 depending on the brand you are using).

If you pull the insert out and it’s totally soaked, this is an indicator that there wasn’t enough absorption available for the urine and the Nappy has flooded.

Boys and tummy sleepers may need more absorbency at the front of the nappy, using a booster towards the front may help improve absorbency where you need it.

However if you pull the inserts out and they’re partially dry, it’s possible that your leak is due to another factor.

We also recommended making sure your inserts are layered fastest to slowest so that liquids are taken up quickly to avoid leaks.

Check out our guide:

 Check out our blog on Insert Absorbency to see how our Basic Inserts hold up, click here.


The other very common cause of leaks is fit, if you the pull the inserts out and they’re only partially dampened then it’s likely the nappy has leaked due to incorrect fit (and not overflow).

Make sure when fitting the nappy that it is on securely, not overly tight. Check there’s no visible gaps around the legs, and make sure that you can fit 2 fingers in the waist (not too tight, not too loose). Make sure all material is tucked in.

Also ensure that clothing and bodysuits aren’t too tight, this can cause compression leaks by squeezing the liquid out of the insert and nappy. Body suit extenders are great to help accommodate a cloth nappy without making clothes tight.




A sneaky cause of leaks is either a singlet, top or body suit coming into contact with the lining of the nappy, it may have accidentally gotten tucked in. Any fabric in contact with the inner material of the nappy can actually draw moisture out onto the clothes. This also goes for the nappy lining poking out, so just make sure there’s no material poking out from the nappy and no clothes tucked into the nappy.


Waterproof Layer

Another place for leaks is inside the nappy, if you’ve checked everything and still aren’t sure turn the nappy inside out and check there’s no damage to the PUL. It is often a clear plastic layer, make sure there’s no tears or holes or delamination. It should be uniform and still in contact with the polyester outsell layer.

Make sure to wash nappies under 60°C to help protect this waterproof layer and to help keep it in tact.



Last but not least, sometimes you can have everything right and leaks just happen. If its a once off, don’t panic just check everything next nappy change. If you’re still getting leaks, send us an email at



Featured Images provided by K.Breed and S. Slingsby