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Insert Absorbency

Insert Absorbency is a very important factor in Cloth Nappies, if the absorbency doesn’t hold up or fibres don’t soak up enough liquid - you are going to get leaks or even flooding if you have a heavy wetter. 

Whilst inserts won’t be the final deciding factor in purchasing a style of nappy, ultimately fit and space to boost will be a bit higher up on the priorities list. In most cases inserts can be swapped out and changed, and some people have a favourite brand of inserts which they can use on other nappies if needed. 


This Blog is purely about our Wren & Myrtle Inserts and their absorbency (ability to hold liquid).

In our range we have:

  • 3-Layer Hemp Cotton
  • 4-Layer Bamboo Terry
  • 5-Layer Bamboo Terry 
  • 5-Layer Bamboo Cotton
  • Trifold - (2-Layers Bamboo Cotton + 1-layer of hemp cotton)

The 5-Layer Bamboo Terry Insert comes standard with the Wren & Myrtle Basics Nappies, it is a great starter and will accomodate most light to moderate wetters. Moderate-Heavy wetters will need extra insert/s to boost absorbency.

As you can see in the below results, inserts don’t hold much liquid without some preparation. However, even after just a couple of washes the absorbency increased a great deal.

In this absorbency test, the inserts have been added to prewash and main wash cycles until they have been washed at least 6 times. The first results show capacity after just being wet (zero wash prep), then after 2 washes and then finally after 6 washes.

After preparation, our 5-layer bamboo terry insert can hold around 250ml of liquid; our 4-layer bamboo terry insert can hold at least 200ml of liquid and; our 3-layer hemp holds at least 130ml of liquid. 

For moderate wetters a 5-layer bamboo and 3-layer hemp combination could hold about 380ml of liquid. For heavier wetters a 5-layer bamboo and 4-layer bamboo combination could hold about 450ml. 

Inserts can be purchase separately to help boost your nappies if needed, check them out here


Insert Absorbency Data

Initial results:

  Starting (Dry) Weight No Prep, wet Liquid held
3-Layer Hemp  50 grams 111 grams 61 ml
4-Layer Bamboo Terry 51 grams 199 grams 148 ml
5-Layer Bamboo Terry 68 grams 258 grams

190 ml

5-Layer Bamboo Cotton 68 grams 160 grams

94 ml

Trifold 106 grams 305 grams

199 ml


Interim results:

  2 washes, wet Liquid held
3-Layer Hemp  180 grams 130 ml
4-Layer Bamboo Terry 232 grams 181 ml
5-Layer Bamboo Terry 317 grams 249 ml
5-layer Bamboo Cotton 240 grams 172 ml
Trifold 446 grams 340 ml


After 6 washes, results:

  After 6 washes (Dry) Weight 6 washes, wet Liquid held
3-Layer Hemp  49 grams 187 grams 138 ml
4-Layer Bamboo Terry 50 grams 260 grams 210 ml
5-Layer Bamboo Terry 65 grams 318 grams 253 ml
5-layer Bamboo Cotton 67 grams 295 grams 228 ml
Trifold 104 grams 444 grams 340 ml



Insert Preparation

The wash cycle used to prepare these nappies was a 40-60°C wash in a top loader washing machine (avg temp of our hot inlet water is about 49°c), usual recommended amounts of detergent have been used. 


Results may vary due, but capacity should be roughly the same, it may decrease over time if material thins or absorbs barrier creams which may act as a repellent.